Environment Management

LafargeHolcim plants have been acknowledged as most environment friendly and pollution free cement plants in the world. In the Nongtrai Limestone Mine suitable dust extraction systems are installed at different transfer points in the crusher and transfer point area.


To control wash off and exclude silts from the run-off storm/rain water in the gullies, 8 nos. of check dams have been built at selected sites at suitable intervals on the surface water drains. These check dams are preceded by interception ditches. The silt arrested at check dams is utilized for horticultural works.


The Company has also undertaken plantation of trees with the help of local people. The species selected for plantation include Gul Mohur, Mykelia Champa, Acacia, Moha Neem, Imly, Shirish, Rain tree, Poma, Kiwie Sophamete, Dieng sohjam, Dieng bti, Dieng rai, and Papaya. More than 20,000 trees have been planted in and around the project surrounding area as on March 2010.